Using reverse thrust

What are u talking about? @Maxmustang

I wasn’t flying, I was a passenger. Even then, it felt like takeoff, but in reverse.

Then why did u say My landing? @The_simulation_nerd

When I was on a A380 Singapore airlines, I didn’t know that it landed

MaxSez: Not an opinion Tom. Use of reverse thrusters in turbine powered commercial aircraft is a standard procedure in all conditions. Select any Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) or Quick Reference Guide (QRF). Brakes & Tires Cost Money, it’s called economy of scale. (Note: the Dash-8 is turbine powered)


Because I was on the flight, and when people refer to flights they are taking, they usually say my flight.

Even then, we’re getting WAY off topic.

Brakes and tires cost money, But reverse thrusters use engines a lot. That means they must replace they engine like once a year. Engines take more Money.

My flight’s landing.

@Thomas_Thuta… MaxSez: Aircraft Engines and there components like reverse thrusters are checked base on an hours of use schedule routinely. They are changed out and rebuilt/serviced completely at a prescribed intervals no matter there condition. Tire’s and Brakes however are 1st echelon checked after every commercial flight. There changed out as required and not on an hourly schedule. Thus, economy of scale.

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i think there is a russian plane that uses reverse thrusters to descend on approach crazy right?

Yup, the magnificent Il-62M

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