Using reverse thrust

You would need it, yes.

Is there a chance that you wouldn’t need to use reverse thrusters

@Laurens can you help us out?

@Captain_DJ of course I can ;)

For the most realistic braking action apply 30% reverse thrust + brakes (on all aircraft). Reverse thrust is not always used though.

Unfortunately the default brakes in IF are pretty strong… Autobrake


Thanks a lot

CAUTION: This is a long message

You think I landed too late, well, you landed too early. I didn’t bother to watch the first minute or so, because this is about using reverse thrusters, not flaps and yokes. You landed behind the piano keys, you actually want to land a little in front. I don’t know exactly where to land on a runway, I never realistically touchdown on those piano keys in IF ever. That was to show you what would happen in normal situations. Also, I was trying to flare and land a little in front of the piano keys, but I couldn’t tell exactly in HUD mode, so, there you go.

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I tried to land on the piano key but I couldn’t

I’ve landed at TNCM in real life before in an E-190. Even with reverse thrust, you still have to back taxi at the first exit at least.

Okay then, just practice more and you’ll be able to. I sometimes have trouble targeting a landing as well, and I’ve played IF knowledgeably longer than you have.

Well, some pilots IRL at TNCM will wing it and touchdown on the runway number.

I remember, I was sitting in the window seat, and we landed just before the second runway exit/entrance by Runway 10.

Was that a late landing? I’ve seen far more extreme on videos.

I use it when there are traffic behind me.

I would say that it seemed like it. But, I must admit, it was smooth.

What was smooth?

My landing at TNCM in an E190 (real life)…

did u use reverse thrusters??

Reverse thrusters were used.

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How did it feel when u turned reverse thrusters on?

MaxSez; Aircraft with Reverse Thrusters where designed for and they where installed on Turbine Powered aircraft to be used. Safety of flight and airframe service life are there main purpose in life. (Anyone who suggests differently is ill advised and unskilled)