Using reverse thrust

Every pilot uses them. Is this topic about not using reverse thrusters?

Close to stalling, you were going too fast in my opinion for where you were.

not every pilot uses them. When I was on a A380 they didn’t use reverse thrusters. And no the topic is about ^Almost all IF pilots use reverse thrusters^

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A320 landing speed is 140 knots from what I remember

And is that a bad thing? Do you want people to stop using them?

I want people to not use them when they not need it. They use them even if they have a very long runway. And noise pollution.

And you were going 140 knots 5NM out.

I thought it was 3NM 😂 @EdT

This is a flight simulator. Not a town simulator. There are no people walking around on the terrain. Noise pollution is not a valid reason for this topic. Pilots can use it on a long runway if they want.

What’s this about then?

Flight simulator!! Some airports don’t allow full reverse thrusters!!! And some airports don’t allow reverse thrusters on a long runway

I only noticed that it was 5NM when I watch the video back

So you want more realism? You don’t seem to be making up your mind about what the purpose of this topic is. I have other things to do. You can talk to other more interested people if you want.

It’s possible when you’re really light and you only make the very last turnoff. Sure helps when you just slam the plane into the runway.

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You have to use brakes, reverse thrust alone isn’t going to stop you.

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Thank you! Someone finally…

Realism is when you read the airport charts and operate accordingly.

Read page 5.

Ah. I didnt use reverse thrusters

Yeah, thanks @EdT 😐

Anyway, depending on aircraft and weight, the more reverse thrust you need. A fully loaded 747 would need reverse thrust, but a Q400 with about 5-10 people wouldn’t probably need it as much, or even none.

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How about a normal weight 777-300er on a long runway?