Using reverse thrust

Yeah, thanks @EdT 😐

Anyway, depending on aircraft and weight, the more reverse thrust you need. A fully loaded 747 would need reverse thrust, but a Q400 with about 5-10 people wouldn’t probably need it as much, or even none.

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How about a normal weight 777-300er on a long runway?

You would need it, yes.

Is there a chance that you wouldn’t need to use reverse thrusters

@Laurens can you help us out?

@Captain_DJ of course I can ;)

For the most realistic braking action apply 30% reverse thrust + brakes (on all aircraft). Reverse thrust is not always used though.

Unfortunately the default brakes in IF are pretty strong… Autobrake


Thanks a lot

CAUTION: This is a long message

You think I landed too late, well, you landed too early. I didn’t bother to watch the first minute or so, because this is about using reverse thrusters, not flaps and yokes. You landed behind the piano keys, you actually want to land a little in front. I don’t know exactly where to land on a runway, I never realistically touchdown on those piano keys in IF ever. That was to show you what would happen in normal situations. Also, I was trying to flare and land a little in front of the piano keys, but I couldn’t tell exactly in HUD mode, so, there you go.

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I tried to land on the piano key but I couldn’t

I’ve landed at TNCM in real life before in an E-190. Even with reverse thrust, you still have to back taxi at the first exit at least.

Okay then, just practice more and you’ll be able to. I sometimes have trouble targeting a landing as well, and I’ve played IF knowledgeably longer than you have.

Well, some pilots IRL at TNCM will wing it and touchdown on the runway number.

I remember, I was sitting in the window seat, and we landed just before the second runway exit/entrance by Runway 10.

Was that a late landing? I’ve seen far more extreme on videos.

I use it when there are traffic behind me.

I would say that it seemed like it. But, I must admit, it was smooth.

What was smooth?

My landing at TNCM in an E190 (real life)…

did u use reverse thrusters??

Reverse thrusters were used.

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