Using reverse thrust

Almost all the time people land planes in IF they use reverse thrusters. They never do a long roll-call. Even if they have lots of runway space.

  • Always use reverse thrusters
  • Sometimes use reverse thrusters

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On all aircraft that have reverse thrust I will use it. Depending on my speed is how long I use it as well.

For the dash-8 I actaully don’t use it often.

would u use reverse thrusters when u r landing at KLAX at the speed of 140 knots?

I always use Reverse Thrusters on Aircraft that have it.


u cannot use reverse thrusters on some aircrafts

I know that.

Yes I would depending on he aircraft.

I do, i love these <3


Maybe a Stupid question but are there in real world pilots that don’t use reserver trust?

Yes, to save fuel.


I saw it once at Schiphol 18R
Do they then only use there breaks?

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Yes. I do think pilots need to monitor the temperature of the brakes.
Spoilers and speed brakes help as well but get less effective at lower speeds.


My friend was on a flight and the aircraft landed reply softly and he was amazed that the pilot didn’t use reverse thrust haha

Pretty sure at OOL the Jetstar pilot didn’t use reversers because it sounded like the engines were idled.

Yes, I find that unrealistic. Even when using the reverse thrusters in real life it takes a while to slow down. In IF slowing down is usually pretty quick anyway. Maybe something to do with physics?

Reverse thrust is also not used to extend engine life. It’s cheaper to replace brakes than an engine over time.

Also people on IF use reverse thrust wayyyyy to much in my opinion. It annoys me so much when people use it when they don’t need to and then still have half a runway to taxi down before an exit! (KNUC is the best example)


Is it possible to use idle reverse on IF?