Using Pro Subscription on 2 Different Platforms

So if I bought a One Year Pro Subscription on my Android device, but there was an incident which results that device being destroyed, is that subscription still exits if I switch to an Apple device? And yes, I linked my Google Account before I purchased the Pro Subscription via Google Play. Hope someone will give me some information on this and thank you!


I bought my subscription on my android device. On my apple ipad, which I use mainly, I just logged into my IF account with the get pro feature. Just clicked “I already have pro” and I was able to log in without paying for another one to play on two devices. I have 2 devices under the same account.

Thanks man, I appreciated!

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Yes it should do as your sub is linked to google. If you have any worries you can email infinite flight to try and fix any problems related to this:)

May I ask…

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