Using Practice Boxes

1 thing i se emany people do is take off in a small gaplane, fly to some random area and do some stuff then fly back. We need to integrate practice boxes, where they show up on maps, you have to ask ATC to get clearance to fly in 1 and if you aren’t in a practice box you get 1 or 2 warnings then you get a violation because this would help un-congest the airspace and areas around them while also keeping it realistic.

@Altaria55 some people use solo because they can’t afford/ don’t want to buy Live

Keeping it realistic would look like this;

-Ga plane take’s off
-Ga plane goes above “dead” area for practise or does it close to the airport
-If there are problems, tcas warns you or ATC (if availeble) seend the GA away
-Ga plane goes on with training
-ga plane finished training and goes back to the airport

We dont need this practise box because that would be unrealistic like a pegasus flying throu IF skies. In the real world ATC and pilot decide together were he could train or GA flies on view, so looking around in the sky and tries to get around other planes.

Around big airports the wont practise or will be send away by our good ATC team on expert, if they dont follow then they will be ghosted

I definitely understand where you’re coming from, especially since IRL we have practice areas for GA aircraft. I’d even like to see MOA (military operation airspace) in IF one day.

In the context of IF I think it takes some discernment to determine where you set up your practice area. I just try to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Clear any active airports airspace (and not intrude on other airports airspace).
  2. Wait for ATC, Departure control to allow me to switch frequency or resume own navigation.
  3. Maintain good clearance from arriving and departing traffic in the area (of course keep an eye out for other potential traffic).

I usually fly on the expert server. I’ve never had any issue with ATC as long as I respect their airspace and and make sure the above conditions are met.

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