Using my Xbox controller to control my plane on IF

I got it to connect with iOS 13 beta but how do I setup the controls in the settings?

@KyleDepra go into controls and then where it says pitch, roll assign it to what you want and then click commands on the right hand side if you want to assign any commands

do you have to have iOS 13 ?

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No I don’t think so I’m running android

I’ll try to get a video of it however I’m using android so I dont know if its different for apple.
But here are the steps

  1. Hold the PS and Share buttons until the light bar starts flashing white/light blue.
  2. Go to your Bluetooth device list on your phone and the name Wireless Controller will show up
    click in it and the controller should pair to your phone.
  3. Set the controls in Infinite Flight to match up with the buttons you want them to.
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How do you get IOS 13 beta? I really want to try this out

I did it on android so you might not need IOS13

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I’ve got a IPhone 8 running IOS 12.3.1 and I would like to know from a Apple user on how to get IOS 13 beta

Just a general heads up, unless you have a MiFi controller this is,

Android only,

Atleast till IOS 13 drops


Go into Apple and sign up for it on the website and btw the L1 and R1 doesn’t assign it’s really hard I was gonna use em for rudders but some buttons don’t work


I have it working on my Iphone lol with iOS 13 beta

I would highly not recommend that. There is a way to officially do it through Apple, and I would always recommend that. When downloading it first party you still have to deal with bugs and what not, but everything is official, and definitely covered under warranty, and any sort of tech support through the vendor of your device/Apple is much easier, and again could be covered…


I want to use the LS as Roll and Pitch and Rs as Throttle and RT and LT for Rudder.

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Thanks for the heads up man

I have a question when does iOS 13 come out

Mid to late September

Hold the share button and ps home button till your light bar flashes then connect to your phone as a Bluetooth device.

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Just FYI what I posted was a dev beta for those without dev accounts. DO NOT USE IT! Use the public beta from Apple

They say IOS 13 should “drop” in fall 2019 so I would hope end of August beginning of September.

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