Using iOS and Android

I’ve been playing IF for quite some time now. My callsign is SEN1989. I have always played on my 6sPlus and today I tried playing on a hacked Nook HD running Android. I can fly solo just fine, as well as half way log in. I click login with Facebook and I type in my stuff and it says No Live Subscription after I click that I have one, even though I can click the upper right hand corner and it gives me all of my Grade 3 Stats.

Any suggestions? Maybe I’m missing something or trying something that’s not allowed, idk. I don’t have both iOS and Android running simultaneously, just trying to use it for a slightly larger screen.

Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone


Please restart the app, if not reinstall the app! And are you sure you have bought a Pro Subscription?

Prices are…

•1 Month IF PRO (10.00$)
•6 Months IF PRO (60.00$)
•12 Months IF PRO (80.00$ BEST VALUE)

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Looks like your Android device are running an older version of Infinite Flight? If so, that’s the reason.

For Global versions, you are now using a Pro subscription which is not the same product as the previous Live.

If your Android device is compatible with Global, you should just be able to update the app and enjoy the app fully in both of your devices. Nook HD doesn’t seem to be compatible though, as it can’t run Android 5.0 and don’t support OpenGL ES 3.0.


This could also be happening because your device is “hacked” aka jail broken. Thanks for contacting support and I hope your issue gets resolved ASAP!


The Nook HD has a 32-bit processor, 1 GB RAM and was originally made for Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (unofficially upgradeable to 4.4.4 KitKat). Its probably not Open 3.0 compatible so won’t run Global.

Infinite Flight does not support jail broken or rooted devices. Sorry for any inconvenience.