Using infinite flight while in a plane

I tried it last week on United and it was “loading” for hours…don’t count on it working well…


Yes, I have done it. :D

What you can do is start the flight before takeoff, when connected to internet, and after you land (irl), connect your device to WiFi, land, and end the flight.

Isn’t in flight WiFi too slow?

Inflight wifi is too weak and unstable. Just enjoy global irl rather than in IF since you’re flying.

Adding onto what @anon91707592 said, i was on a United flight from San Francisco to Singapore and I downloaded the United Wifi app beforehand. It was good, I was able to fo SF-Singapore in IF and I synced it very well with our aircraft IRL, using Flightradar24 for flight plan, heading, altitude, speed, V/S etc…it lagged occasionally, but was generally very good.

Anyway, if your afraid about the WIFI on that short of a flight then I would just wait till your on the ground (you can wait a few hours without playing IF).

On another point, Global (irl) was released 4.5 billion years ago, IF Global was only released 10 months ago. (I wonder what the devs will do for the Global 1 Year Anniversary-maybe a huge update)

Gonna fly with a swiss 330 from Zurich to Mauritius soon, planning on doing the same 🤗

Are there outlets in between the seats of a United 737 in economy

I don’t fly United so I’m not sure but when I was on a Delta B739 it had outlets

It depends on the type of 737 and class of service.

There usually are my friend.

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If you’re flying southwest, make sure you have a portable charger ready and fully charged cause there are no outlets

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