Using infinite flight while in a plane

I will be flying in a plane in a couple of days and I wanted to know if you can use infinite flight while flying on a real plane

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You can! Just ensure that you’re connected to the in-flight Wifi. Infinite Flight, since global was released, will not work without an internet connection.


What airline are u flying?

United airlines from Appleton to Chicago and Chicago to orlando


Depends on if the plane has in-flight WiFi. If not you won’t be able to connect

I think they offer in flight wifi on some flights
Guess u will have to wait and find out!

It’s going to be a really bad wifi connection anyway. I would only do solo to be safe.

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Ok at least it will work. It would be better than nothing

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Even solo mode might lag out though.

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I agree, even the top dog airlines have crummy wifi. Something about being at 40,000 feet going 500 mph 😂


If you have a second device take a picture of it next to the window if you can and tag @ infiniteflight on Instagram. I’m sure they’re going to love it ;)


Ok I will do that as soon as I will have time

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Are you going to be in economy?

Yep I will on both flights.

Ok, I assume the leg to/from Orlando will have Thales WiFi, but there’s always a chance it won’t. I’ve never used Thales wifi before, so I don’t know how good/bad it is. Maybe someone else in the community knows?
Also, make sure to bring a portable battery if you have one since your seat might not have a power outlet and IF uses a ton of battery.


Ok thanks for the help

Also, it might be a good idea to purchase the WiFi before the flight since it’ll probably be cheaper than once you are on board.
No problem!

I don’t think I can purchase the WiFi do they have any free WiFi like delta

The United WiFi is good, but ONLY does it work in the United app, or at for free personal entertainment.
If you want the WiFi to work for non united activities, you must purchase it.


@Htnau make sure you have the United app downloaded prior to boarding, or else you can’t get the WiFi as you can’t download anything in the air as it’s not united activities.

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Yes, like @Sammy_Droubi said, some things are included with the flight. There are many movies, tv shows, etc. that are free to use. Also, using the United app (like he said),, and other things are also free and require no payment.

And like he said, don’t forget to download the app ahead of time! One time my friends were on a United B744 from Los Angeles to Beijing, but they forgot to download the app so they were forced to purchase the WiFi but only needed the WiFi to download the app, nothing else. It was a mess…

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