Using infinite flight on a plane

I am currently trying to connect to infinite flight while I’m in Chicago on a United flight but it keeps saying that it is having trouble connecting to the server and says to contact support and it’s happened about 10 times

You require connection to Wi-Fi or cellular data when using Infinite Flight. Are you connected to the internet or to cellular data?

I am connected to United WiFi

In-flight wifi is notoriously poor and depending on the carrier may have additional firewalls in place.

I think I have been able to log on once and then it kept going in and out. I was not able to log on with United last time I flew either.

It is not an app issue, the issue is with the internet service.

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It’s not loading but I am logged in

We are still sitting at the gate

Unfortunately theres not much you can do. Many times the wifi service depends on where you are flying over and it can vary from route to route.

Ok that’s fine it was the first time trying it