Using Infinite Flight causes Latency increase on network

So lately I have been noticing something really disturbing.
Every time I start a flight on IF, or start controlling my little brother gets angry at me, because his ping (in his multiplayer game on the playstation) goes up from 20 ms to like 400 ms, which makes it basically impossible to play the game for him.

In short: when I start IF all other network users start lagging.

Something else that’s interesting about it is that the download speed seems to stay around the same, because those who watch YouTube don’t complain. Or maybe it has to do with spikes in the download speed, since a video is getting pre-loaded a few seconds it on average still works.

I thought maybe I have just bad internet. But I can play with 2 playstations and multiple devices on YT, but then no one experiences lag. BUT when I start IF everyone starts lagging! (My speeds are good aswell)

My question is does anyone else have this problem?

My solution: I use my 4g network, but this obviously shouldn’t be needed!

second solution: someone else, who had the same problem uses an app called Speedify.

thats weird… I play COD on my xbox while having IF going and there is about 3 other people on my wifi and everything is perfectly fine

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Weird! I used to also have no problems at all, with 2 PS4s and 3/4 devices on YT. But now… this is just to bad

Try restarting your wifi router

Already tried that. But I don’t think my router is the problem. I mean I can use two ps4s on multiplayer, and multiple devices, everything is fine, till IF starts

it might be the two PS4s then but idrk. I’ll look around on google

Let me say it differently: I can have as many devices as I want with NO lag. When IF starts, with for example only 1 other device even then it starts lagging on the other device! I’m 99.9% sure that it is caused by IF, tested this a few times now.

Very odd… My whole family is able to watch Netflix or play fortnite ;) with no problems at all whilst im in the air! Wonder what it could be?


But let’s see if other people have this issue, that’s why I made this topic, to see if it is a problem for others aswell. If not then I will start searching for a fix:)

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When you start a flight in IF, is this in solo/Live? If the latter, are you flying in busy airspace?

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Live, on not busy airports aswell.

Are the other devices (such as the consoles) plugged in with ethernet or are they using wifi?

All using WiFi. But the point is that it always works, with lots of devices on WiFi. But when I use just a few devices and one device with IF it also start lagging (so with less total devices, but with one device on IF it still lags)

So when I told this in the IFATC group I got messaged by someone almost direct after with the same problem. Which made me think, maybe more people have this issue and I am not alone. That’s why I created this topic.

Hmmm this is pretty strange.

I usually have 5+ devices on WiFi as well one usually on Ethernet and this has never happened.

I’ve even used cloud gaming services (which need low ping) while flying on IF.

I used to only have 15mbps internet, and even then, no issues.

My first thought would be a router issue. Is this router relatively new?

I have 100 mb or so and problems! I used to not have any problems, but now it suddenly started. And nothing changed about my internet

Wait so in the past with no changes you were able to use IF with no issues with ping?

Did this change with 20.1? Or did this happen suddenly

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Seems like it started since 20.1

It sounds like you’re reaching a network limitation with your WiFi. Infinite Flight is sending/receiving a lot of small packets in multiplayer (for which download speed doesn’t matter as much, but ping does), and it will be the same when there are other consoles that are also sending/receiving packets for online gaming.

WiFi congestion depends a lot on your network setup, like the type of access point you have, what channel you are using, etc. This article does a test of different configurations and their effects on congestion/latency.

What might help:

  • See if you are using the 5GHz channel on your access point
  • Connect one of the consoles to ethernet (so less devices are using WiFi)
  • Look into upgrading your network setup, i.e. a second access point that’s connected to the main one over ethernet

This helped me a lot for IF as well as other applications.

With my old router, my ping used to be twice what it is now, and it made a huge difference when I upgraded.

This also helped me quite a bit with gaming generally (with my Xbox).

If your access point doesn’t have 5ghz (like my old one), then upgrading would be an important step