Using in airplane mode.

I used to be able to use this app while not connected to anything. Why is this happening and would do I need to do to get rid of this message.

The image reads unable to connect please contact support

A connection is now required even for solo mode.

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Make sure you have a strong internet connection and re-install and restart your device on a regular basis.

Even if you put it in airplane mode make sure you switch the WiFi back on as it shuts off when you turn airplane mode on.

Chris is correct. If you were to download all the terrain, you would take up all the storage on your device and then some. To keep the app as small as possible, you need a strong internet connection at all times to use the app. Thank you so much for contacting support and have a lovely day! Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

A Helpful Man

Lots of aircraft have wifi available check next time you go flying…flying… hahaha