Using IF on two devices

Hey there, i recently bought a new phone and my old one (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) is still usable. So my question is if i can use IF on both devices with my one account.

No sadly not. The game simply wont let you fly on two devices at once under the same account, and you must instead purchase another subscription if you want to play on 2 devices at once. You can still use both devices to play IF, but not at the same time. I suspect this is as a measure to stop people giving their IF account to everyone for free (similar to the Netflix issue)

Edit: Not on the same server

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Yeah sadly, i kinda want to fly long haul, but at the same time ATC on Training Server to practice, i want to become an IFATC in the near furture.
But Thanks :)

It isn’t true. I can fly on my IPad on exper server and at the same time on my phone on training or casual server
You can fly on two device at the same time if it isn’t on the same server
for you: you can flight on expert server and do atc on training at the same time but if you want to talk to yourself, you can’t.

that’s the exemple I have said

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You can fly on two devices at once with the same account, the two devices must be on different servers

edit: @Yukiros_31 beat me to it! i’ll leave this here so that way it’s not a tie between ‘no’ and ‘yes’


Oh i see that’s really nice, i will try it as soon as the new phone arrives. Thanks :)
Would be funny though to give your self landing clearance hahah

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You may be logged in on however many devices as you wish, but unfortunately at the moment, the simulator does not provide a method by which you can just simultaneously fly on two devices at once with the same account.

Edit: I stand corrected, apparently there is a way. Refer to the messages above, and further developer comments if any are given.

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