Using IF on different devices

I primarily play IF on my IPhone, but I also have the app on my IPad which I don’t use very often which would make it optimal for long hauls (so I don’t have to have my phone on for 20hrs strait). My question is, when I complete 20 hours of flight time on my IPad with the same live account, will it also be logged on my iPhone? (P.S. I’m sure the answer is yes, I just want confirmation. Thanks in advance for the help!)

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Same account = Same stats

Thank you very much!

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Just don’t try flying on both devices at the same time. Only 1 has throttle.


Just to add in that your stats are tied to your profile. But your flight log is flights on that specific device. The flight log is also cleared if you reinstall. But your overall stats (flight time, landings, etc) are stored on the server itself.

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can log in to two devices and fly at the same time? (using the same account)

No, throttle will be cut on one account.

No. This is a violation of the Terms of Service. You will only be able to control one plane.You will receive a warning while flying.