Using If at night

That’s what I though aswell hahah I was so confused


Lol yeahh! me too

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I must admit I do like hearing consistent engine noises while on cruise from my iPad while sleeping - occasionally it does help me to wake up when I’ve overslept and plane ran out of fuel leading to over speeding/stall alerts screaming 😂😂😴
It feels like the real thing and it is definitely very smoothing

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Hahahahah I can’t imagine as soon as I here the beep beep beep of violations I run as fast as I can to my iPad 😂


Did you really do that?🤣

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Yes and once I was at the end of a 12 hour flight and I got 2 violations because I forgot and I ended up quitting the flight to stop from getting another one which made me very annoyed

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Personally, I do a lot of night flights because they improve my stats, but that is not the best way to keep your device’s battery in good condition.

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I definitly o a lot of flights hahah my phone stuffed

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Who sleeps listen to IF sounds ??

yes I do I love listening to the sound

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