Using If at night

Does anyone else use IF at night blasting and use it as a sound machine? our am I weird like that? its very soothing.


No, you’re not weird. I blast war sounds to sleep at night. This is dedication to a whole new level.


Lol, been doing lot like every night until I wake up for school and some how my phone was unplugged and my phone is dead!!!


I use it to sleep haha. Hearing 777 engines at night is relaxing tbh.


@schyllberg Infinite Flight ASMR when?


See I’ve been using the 777 but the 757, has been hitting different.


Yes indeedy.

I do sometimes

I have the volume at a minimum. It’s still on slightly, like very very slightly, in the rare chance the A/P malfunctions and I hear an overspeed or stall warning. I have to be alert at all times, right?


I’m not that alert, because usually when I fly for more than an hour I’ll go do something else.

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I mean usually I turn my act volume off once I reach may cruise ALT, and then just pass out but I usually go 0.2m lower than max, on purpose.

I blast hurricane katrina sounds so I think we are even

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Bro but rain sounds are amazing to.

And I thought I was weird for using a fan as white noise…


Yes. For sure. Sometimes just sitting in the cockpit makes me fall asleep and I didn’t even mean to. Lol

I use both fan and the app.

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When I did a long haul flight from Israel to jfk I wanted to simulate the real thing so I put on my sealing dan so my room would be cold and but on a sweatshirt and wore one of those neck things that help you sleep on an airplane and put the volume on my phone on loud. The next morning I was exhausted and felt almost jet lag like the real thing.


I need to try this like right now, did you fall asleep quick?

I use fan aswell which is just enough to get me to sleep

Ha! I surely thought this topic was about night flying issues. Never thought of this.

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