Using IF Assistant

Anyone have any times on using the voice commands to set speed when above FL280?

I say “Set speed point 83” and nothing happens…

If I say “Set speed 85” it sets my speed to 585.00 Mach

Any tips, suggestions?

I know the app has its flaws but any input is appreciated.

Should be in #thirdparty

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Hello! If you don’t have an American accent, the voice command might be hearing you saying something else.
Also, this should be in #thirdparty.

Sorry, I’m having difficulty setting Mach speeds to clarity :/ not altitude.

I don’t think it takes the Mach speed into count, try saying “Set Speed …”. Make sure you’re in a quite environment too.

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Please specify if you are on the iOS version or the Android Version.

The iOS version does have voice commands but Android does not.

Also reccomend using earbuds or headphones to speak into the mic, maybe that might help.

Hey there - yep, IF-A currently only supports knots for the “Set Speed” voice command, though I could probably add this in at some point.

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Thanks for clarifying epaga. Love the app so far!

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When voices commands on Android?

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