Using "Heavy" and "Super" designations

I have found a great article on the usage of “heavy” and "super’ in call sign designations. There seems to be a lot of confusion. My understanding after reading this and many more articles. The “heavy” designation is to be used only on aircraft more than 300,000 lbs while the "super designation is to be used only for the AB - A380.

Hope this isn’t duplicate info, but I keep seeing B-737s, A318s, and even a Cessna Citation using the ‘heavy’ and ‘super’ designation.

The article has some great info on the wake turbulence caused by these larger aircraft and how the designations help ATC maintain separation.

Hope this is beneficial to someone and see you in the air!


Finally someone does something about this lol, Thanks!


Finally someone who speaks out!! Well said lol. Only Mark is excused from this ;)


Agreed, there can only be one skyhawk heavy.


MaxSez: Good Catch @david.harper. How bout those singles signifying
" Flight of 10"


That one does aggravate me because I’m looking on the screen for the rest of the group. That and the custom call signs that take Siri ten minutes to speak every time.


LOL, seems legit haha

Unfortunately a topic like this does not reach out to the broad audience that Infinite Flight has, ghere are way too meany who are not part of this forum?

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Very true!

ahem ahem skyhawk heavy ahem ahem

LOL! Good point! Some people EARN a pass!

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About time someone said, thank you.

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