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I’ve watched tutorials on how to file a flight plan, but I’m still not clear on what if anything the flight plan should be “doing” during the flight. Is there supposed to be some kind of indicator that tells me I’m drifting away from the vector to my next waypoint? Or does that only happen when I come into radio range of a waypoint?

Sorry, I’m a total noob at this point.

Hello, no worries as we all start somewhere. If you check your map you just make sure the plane is following the FPL to each waypoint, if you have autonav on that is. You don’t get any visual or audible warning if you stray from it so make sure nav is on.

It’s obviously logical and sensible to always prepare a flight plan, before requesting pushback (Live play only). Make sure it ends at your destination with your last waypoint being the airport blue dot. There are websites where you can find real world flight plans and copy/past this into the search field when preparing your plan on IF. After takeoff, do,your departure and at a logical point select the NAV button, and the aircraft will follow the flight plan, as mentioned above.

You just need to worry about your speed and altitude, and let NAV take care of your route.

When you get close to your destination airport, it’s good practice to switch off NAV, and steer the plane yourself from there on.


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One of the items on the bottom bar, x-track, will tell you how far you are from the ‘center line’ of your FP. For example, if you see 5nm>, that means you’re 5 nm to the left of your currently active leg.

The item Bearing to Next tells you the heading you need to fly to hit your next waypoint.

Or…you could just hit NAV as suggested above.


Thanks for replying.

I did finally notice that the map does show something that does appear to be a course heading in bright magenta, so I should just be able to follow that, right? I’m only flying solo at this point so I don’t need to worry about other players or ATC.

Yes turning nav on will follow the active leg on your fpl. Identified by the bright magenta line. If you want to use the Ap manually then get the bearing to next waypoint up on your HUD at the bottom of the screen. Any more questions feel free to ask.

Hope this helps a little…

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