Using Flightaware App to exactly mimic real flights

I know there’s a few other threads re flightaware and realistic flights, however this will help you take it to the next level now, and when global is finally released…

I strongly suggest downloading the ‘flightaware flight tracker’ app if you want to maximise the realism of your flights.

Within this app, you can select real world flights by searching via airport, route, destination etc.

Now for the best bit, once you select a flight, there is a small icon at the bottom of left the screen (on iOS version anyway) of an aircraft. If you click on that, it will show you the type of aircraft being used, AND the filed flightplan (including departure SIDs, waypoints and arrival STAR), as well as the filed altitude request, and estimated on-route speed (and quite often the departure and arrival gates)

A lot of people ask on the forums, ‘what altitude should I fly between XX and XX airports’… here it is. You can actually see the exact filed route and altitude that the real world aircraft are using.

I’m hoping this will stop some of the unrealistic departures people fly on IF, and the ludicrous altitudes and speeds as well.


All for that. Great to see pilots putting in a bit of proper preparation prior to their flight instead of jumping in a plane and taking off into the blue yonder.


Looking up past ones will show you which route they took, which runways they used and sometimes whIch gate the flight departs and arrives at! It’s quite a useful tool!


I do remember Laurens doing this.

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