Using Flaps To Stabilize Aircraft Nose During Cruise

To be honest, on a longer flight like what you are on, 37 seems very high to go to in the first four hours.

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So would you guys recommend going down to about FL31 to FL33 right now? Not to contradict anyone or anything, but my SimBrief plan still says 39,000 feet almost 30 minutes after take-off out of Delhi.

dude, you’re doing nothing wrong. I had a 4 degree pitch yesterday flying DOH-SIN. I’ve flown the 787 IRL too, and there we had a pitch too. Just keep going as you are now.

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My top of initial climb is normally between 30-35 depending on weight and a few other factors. Then if I am awake, every few hours 3-4 I climb 2000 more feet. If this altitude doesn’t make sense for your flight time right now I’d look into it for next time, but you aren’t stalling so don’t descend.

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Ok will do, thank you so much for the help

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I think this has been covered rather well and has been discussed in the past.

Just some food for thought as I’m presently conducting an overnight flight from VIDP-CYYZ in a B789 (approximately 15 hours).

Initial Cruise: FL 340 burned off some fuel overnight, step climbing to a Final Cruise: FL400

Trim: 50%

Mach: .85