Using Flaps To Stabilize Aircraft Nose During Cruise

Hello everyone, I just had a small question: when I am on cruise for any type of aircraft, whether it is the a318 or the b747-8, I somehow have to put flaps to either setting 2-3 (for Airbus), or 15-20 degrees (for Boeing) to get the nose of the aircraft level. I have tried using the trim setting on the aircraft, and all that does is set the nose down the tiniest bit ever, but it doesn’t bring it down all the way to level. Is there any alternative fix for this? Using flaps during cruise is highly unrealistic and I would love to stop if there is any other fix. I suspect that it is how much I’m loading my aircraft (fuel, pax, cargo). Thank you in advance for the help!!

– Aniket

How fast are you flying? It’s possibel that you’re flying too slowly.

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@BluePanda900 Anywhere between mach .70 to mach .90, depending on the aircraft of course

You mentioned trim doesn’t bring the aircraft down to level. So? Aircraft always fly at a bit of an upwards pitch, it’s just how they fly.

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Yes, but my aircraft’s nose are all the way up to the first and sometimes between the first and the second lines on the hud view. I understand what you’re saying, it happens to the b777s, but I feel like this is too much being that high

Can you give us a screenshot of all of your instruments as well as the plane during cruise?

Yep, just hold on one sec…

Not all aircraft fly “perfectly level.” About how much is the nose up? If it’s between 0-10 degrees, you should be fine. And with trim, as long as that magenta bar on the button goes away, you should be fine as well. Flaps create drag in cruise, which is bad for fuel consumption/efficiency, and having them down when you’re at your cruise speed (like you said M.7-9) could damage them.

Some aircraft actually pitch up during cruise (IRL). But you wont realize it… in if i think that the developer followed the physics of the plane… so its fine that the aircraft is pitching up a little bit…

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@Kevin_Potthast @david_hartono_S @BluePanda900 @metro Ok, so here, you can see that the nose is almost at “the first line”. Also, I attached an outside image to help with diagnosis:

Sorry about the pixelation, but just to add, this is a Boeing 787-8 en route to Sydney from Delhi with an approximate weight at takeoff being 227,000 pounds

An aircraft is typically at 4 degrees nose pitch up during a cruise, which is exactly what that is. It’s nothing to worry about, completely normal.

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Your HUD isn’t centered in the first image. Double tap the screen then retake please.

Indeed. Not really an issue. Commercial Jet aircraft often do not fly completely level in real life, As long as it is trimmed and flying at an appropriate speed pitching a few degrees nose up really is not an issue.

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Oh my bad, will retake and submit again

For A dreamliner thats common actually… i dont know how much your weight in kg but if its heavy than try to lower your cruise altitude and step climb on later stages of your flight


Aniket. This looks just fine. Technically using flaps on a real aircraft at Mach 0.85 will destroy and flap and in turn destroy the plane.

Flaps have a certain maximum speed that you can have those flap set. By aviation rules and law you cannot exceed the maximum flap speed defined for each aircraft.

Typically maximum for flaps 1 is 220-230 KIAS. So don’t try to bring the nose down. It is flying perfectly as per your screenshot.


@Kevin_Potthast These first two images are without any degrees of flaps:


These next two are with 20 degrees of flaps:


The information about the flight still stands true as in the last post

Looks fine. That’s just a few degrees, very normal stuff.
My only reccomendation is if you are that heavy, 37 thousand is a wee high to go to right off the bat.

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I did step climb up there, it has been approx. 4 hours into the flight, and SimBrief told me to go to 39,000, so I decided to do about 2,000 less. But then again, how is this normal, I still think it looks way to high?

Dont fly with flaps at cruise, or at any higher speed than 230kt ish. Its completely normal to have a positive pitch during cruise.
However, if you’re heavy, try and use stepclimbing (Starting low (FL300 ±) and eventually climbing as you lose fuel.
Its completely normal, and for heavens sake, please don’t use flaps at cruise. IRL they’d probably be ripped off.