Using FF-Web / connect with IF

Hey there!
Is it possible to link the FF-website with IF?
Connection with FF-App and IF does work good. But would be more comfy, if i could use FF with the Mac while flying with the Pad…
Thanks in advance and greetings to all!

Hi, what do you mean by FF?

I believe they are referring to ForeFlight integration in infinite flight. It is possible to link it with the application on your IPad, but I do not believe that it works on the computer (you would know better than me, @tomthetank). Here is the guide to setting it up via your iPad. Maybe you missed a step causing the integration to be altered, probably not though. (Infinite Flight - ForeFlight Link just in case you need it)

Edit: I just checked my foreflight website page, and I do not see any clear way to connect that with IF after a little looking around. I also googled it, but the only thing that came up was the link I shared.


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Hey Marina - thank you for your response!
The connection between iPad/iPhone and IF is not the problem - that works.
But since I use the iPad for IF, using FF at the same time with this device does not lend itself. The display on the iPhone is unfortunately very small, so I want to try to use the larger Mac screen.

No worries! I think that the best way to do this is through AirPlaying ForeFlight to your mac, if you have figured everything else out! Here is Apple’s guide on that: Use AirPlay to stream video or mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support. Like I said, I do not see a way to do it on the computer web application of ForeFlight.

Again ThankYou! Will try that.

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If you do somehow find a way to link your computer’s ForeFlight to your iPad IF, please shoot me a PM. I am really interested in doing that now, but I am not super confident.

ForeFlight web doesn’t support connection to local simulators unfortunately. It’s more of a tool for flight planning (hence the name than it is for flight execution.

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That makes sense and I had already thought about that… it also makes sense, because it is more obvious that for real use a mobile device is taken into the cockpit… but anyway thanks for your contribution!


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