Using Elevator Trim

Hey everyone!

There have been several requests from the community on using the elevator trim. This tutorial briefly covers what the trim is and how to use it during different aspects of your flight.

Please post any relevant questions to this tutorial or any tutorial requests below.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Thanks for tutorials. They really help
I think I got to it first. Having notifications on really helps.


Awesome tutorial Mark! :)

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Thanks Mark that was awesome

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Looks like mine has reached its limit, always good to update tutorials.

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One thing to add that might be helpful is that when deactivating the auto-pilot, you should first calibrate, then check what trim the autopilot has set, and hold your device accordingly, in order to smoothly take control of the aircraft without it suddenly pulling up or down the instant you deactivate the autopilot.


Nice post, thank you!

I’ve gotten pretty used to using elevator trim and am a regular user of it. It does help on takeoff/landing as well as just slightly adjusting pitch particularly at high altitude.


Same here. The little pink blip helps increase the ease of use too.

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Awesome. Simple when explained à la Mark.


it really helpful.i am a new member here and learning all i can to get my landings and take-offs right and perfect.

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One of the biggest bumps here… I as well agree with your claim.

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Thx this is very usefull especially keeping the nose of the plane up

Very true, useful advice

Trim is so hard

Yeah but I am not sure how or how much trim (%) on the other aircrafts, say the A320. Like it all depends in many ways… I am just a bit confused.

Thanks Mark! Very helpful!

Does increasing trim create more lift and decreasing it decrease lift or is it simply trimming in the sense of just aligning the aircraft to fly horizontally on a horizontal plane? I’m curious about trim and it’s relation to speed.

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Trim does not create lift.

It only allows the pilot to not have to pull back on the joystick / yoke as much. In other words, trim helps the plane takeoff more effectively.