Using Elevator Trim

Sorry trim is not only used for take off. Trim main use is to keep airspeed. On any phase of the flight you choose speed and trim it will fly… Becos it changes angle of the plane. You don’t have to keep hold of yoke all the way. On take off it changes angle to create lifts… Same it sets right angle trim so aircrafts will achieve optimum air flow over wings on lift.

It will come handy on level flight, set power, trim, it release pressure on yoke.
On approach you choose descent rate, set power, trim, it will fly nicely without you playing with thrust and pitch.

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Oh so that’s why it was so hard for me to land! Thank you Mark!

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Very Simple and Great Tutorial!😀


Yes and welcome to the community. Everyone here is great so don’t be afraid to ask someone about how to do something in IF!

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I dont get how to use the trim with the pink bar next to it

Thanks for the tutorial! I should really start using trim while flying now lol

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Is there a trim chart?

Like how do you know what to set your trim for each aircraft?

Thanks for the trim tutorial!

How much trim should I use during takeoff and landing?

Depends on weight and aircraft.

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