Using `commands/FlightPlan.AddWaypoints` in Connect v2 API

Hi everyone …

Does anyone have experience using the command commands/FlightPlan.AddWaypoints in the Connect v2 API?

The docs refer to running these commands as sending:

  1. The integer value of the ID of the command you would like to send.
  2. A false boolean value

On top of that, like all other commands/* entries in the manifest, these all indicate a data type of -1 so I’m unsure from the documentation how to actually use this to add a waypoint – what’s the structure of the command I send and what’s the data format for specifying the waypoint?

Any pointers much appreciated.

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Haven’t made any progress on this myself but have similar questions around other commands like commands/Aircraft.SetFlapState which appear to require that data is passed to them.

Any help appreciated.

Just had a look into this for you… I’m afraid this isn’t something we support at the moment (unless I’m reading the code wrong which is possible but I’m pretty confident here). I know this basically renders those API commands useless, but I’m afraid that’s just how it is for now. I want to work on improving some API stuff (both local and REST APIs) and will probably post a request for comments or something over the next few days to see if we can come up with a way to implement it. All the functionality is there in the code, it’s just a matter of how we want it to look flying over the network.

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@KaiM … Thanks for the response. So, in short, the commands that appear to need values passed are likely non-functional. Hopefully this can be extended as you suggest so that the v2 API can be used for more use cases.

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Yes, but it’s something that should be relatively simple to fix if we can come up with a good implementation

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