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Hey folks. Need advise. I can’t seem to find the answer on the forum as there is some conflicting posts.

Let’s say I’m departing from EGLL flying to EGBB. I get airborn from EGLL and contact the EGLL APP controller and request ILS Approach at EGBB. The controller then responds with proceed on course or expect ILS approach RWY XX at EGBB or requested airport is outside coverage. I then continue on my route and once about 50nm out contact EGBB APP with the “with you” message and the EGBB APP controller then gets me onto the ILS. Can you please confirm if this is correct?

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You shouldn’t ask EGLL for an ILS approach at EGBB, since EGBB isn’t his juristiction. Request radar vectors to EGBB. Otherwise that’s correct!


I have seen a post on here which states you ask the first radar controller you make contact with for the ILS approach at destination regardless of their jurisdiction . (which is completely different from the real world)

That is not correct…

Mats is correct radar vectors, flight following or just a with you is all acceptable at this stage in the game. ILS shouldn’t be requested to anyone other then the approach controller for the airport you’re landing at. I prefer you ask for radar vectors right out of the gate then use the with you thru the duration. If the approach controller needs to give you an ILS they can. If you do ask for radar vectors don’t expect departure to vector you all the way to EGBB unless Center is active. You will be vectored out of the airspace and then given a frequency change. Please change and resume your own navigation when this happens.


@Mats_Edvin_Aaro and @Brandon_Sandstrom have a very good point there and you must take notes.

I think I know what you’re referring to though. As the fellas said it’s best not to contact EGLL approach for an ILS to EGBB but if you were on London center (for example) that would be fine. And if you switched over to EGBB app and said “with you” the controller would see what you requested from the center and would fly you in. If they ask your intensions that probably means that they can’t see the stripe/info of what you last requested.

Let me know if you get confused.

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