Using ATC During Your Flight

Its a bit confusing i am a beginner, and i dunno what altitufde should i take , how to get to the airport ! How to land , the atc only give command to other airplanes ! Its gives me command only at the airport , when i fly i dunno what to do !! Im getting bored from this app !!! I don t know what to do

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A good start would be filling a flight plan using the map tool and setting waypoints.
Then you can take off, and the altitude you are crusing at depends on the distance between your two airports. I usually cruise at around 14,000.
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Check out some of the tutorials, they’re great for when you’re just starting out. SimBrief is also a great free tool for figuring stuff out like altitude etc. It explains to you how to read the flight plan and also gives you waypoints to follow which you can easily bring over to Infinite Flight. You’ll learn with time, I was in your position a couple of short months ago as well. It’s a lot of fun once you get it.


Everyone has that stage dude, don’t worry. I’ll PM you with some really useful tutorials on the forum to get you started :)

great video Mark!!!

Great tutorials, Mark. I have a simple question. Is it acceptable if I simply tune out of the tower after taking off without asking for a frequency change approval? That may save his little time of pressing the little buttons to approve my frequency change, when he can focus on maintaining the pattern or issue clearance for take off or landing. I don’t wanna get a bad opinion from the tower when I do this in the Expert server.

No. There is a possibility that tower needs to give you specific commands or hand you off to a specific frequency. It’s better to wait until you get the frequency change

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Always request freq change if you aren’t given it after a while. If let’s say you wait like 3 minutes and nothing gets sent back then tune out yourself but for the most part sending a freq change will be on the quick send part of the ATC commands section so it shouldn’t be too hard or time consuming to send it to a pilot.


Thank you’ve much, I’ll ask for an approval 👍🏼

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Thank you for the great information. Cleared up several questions. Keep up the awesome videos!!

I’d never heard of SimBrief!! Thanks for pointing this out ⭐️ 😊

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What’s the difference between GPS and ILS approach?

An ILS approach has assured terrain clearance a GPS approach does not.

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Alright, thank you very much!

If you are doing a long haul flight and are at a high altitude and need to start descending for example into JFK which almost always has approach, but you can’t find norcal approach or socal approach on your list of available frequencies, what should I do?

And also if you are connected to approach but when you request flight following you can’t find your airport that you’re flying to, what should I do?

If the last waypoint on your flight plan is the destination airport, that will always be the first choice for FF.

Could you pm me the information as well?

@xtcride1974 Check out the topic below. Its kind of like an index with all sorts of tutorials grouped into one. Its helpful in finding what you need right then and there.

Furthermore, I suggest you look through #tutorials:flight as there are many tutorials that were created by community members and FDS Staff members. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out. The community is always evolving and expanding. Its likely that there may not be a tutorial created.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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