Using ATC During Your Flight

Hey everyone!

This week’s tutorial is now available as I do a flight from PHNL to PHOG with Live ATC during the entire route. There have been several requests for this tutorial even though many of you already have an understanding of using ATC.

Please post any relevant questions to this video below. Feel free to PM me with any tutorial requests that you may have.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Great video, Mark! Hopefully pilots, especially those new to the expert server, now understand how and when to communicate with ATC after watching this. :)


Thank you Mark this is the best tutorial yet and should be required for all pilots before entering expert server.


I love this video thank you.

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I posted a 9 min video 1 minute ago and you have already watched the video? LOL


No I just know it is the best.

Haha YouTube notifications, you know. ;)

I saw it! You post it on YouTube before the community!

YES!!! I love it!!! 👏

Always good to refresh and recap on this information , even if you know it like the back of your hand …

Thanks Mark !

Thanks Mark for another great tutorial… can you please make one for vertical takeoff, which talks about the required thrust and VS, etc

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Another great tutorial and very useful. Thanks Mark 👌

First of all, thanks @Mark_Denton for making these. They’re fabulous.

I do have a question re: flight following… do we request FF as you showed in the tutorial even when flying big jets on a flight plan? I thought FF was for GA flying VFR under certain altitude and commercial traffic is to request vectors or just “Check In”.

I used to call for flight following until someone on the forum posted this was a no-no for commercial traffic. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

I always “Check In” with Center and Departure and receive a “Roger,” and I just follow my FPL until I contact approach.

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Cmon it’s learning ATC. How can it be bad? lol I had started watching it and knew it had no bounds so I took a leap. I finished it and yeah it was incredible

Great one again, Mark!
These tutorials look really good.
I know creating these videos takes a lot of time and effort.
I still think they need to be promoted more clearly, 'cause they are important and it’s actually crucial that pilots watch them all.
Keep up the great work!

What a hero! 👏👏

Good flight. I am wondering what the maximum flap speed is for the 787? Because surely flaps 5 is not to be used at 250kts, or is it?

I have an issue with the request “flight following”. During a past flight an infinite flight ATC told me that “flight following” was possible only for non commercials VFR flights. In the video Mark made this request. Should I conclude that this is also possible if I flight a commercial airlines?

It’s says in the cockpit.check on the left, just above the left bit of the yoke.

Awesome video, thanks for sharing and great work!