Using Apple and Android


I’m going to switch to an Android phone very soon, and am wondering if if I still keep on paying through iTunes I can login on an android device with the same login and still have a subscription.



Unfortunately purchases made through the App Store or Google Play Store do not transfer to the opposing App Store, whether Apple or Android. Each App Store has control over their own purchases, not allowing them to be honored by the opposite store.

For example, If you purchased a game on an Xbox, it would not be recognized if you transferred it to a PlayStation.

Therefore, you will have to repurchase IF, but if you login with the same account, you keep your subscription.

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So even though I’ll still have an iPad paying through iTunes, I won’t be able to use that subscription on an Android phone?

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Yes you will. Just login with the same account.

Not what he asked :)

@Latvia - yes, you can keep paying your sub through Apple. But for convenience reasons, i would suggest switching to the platform you primarily use.

Other than that, just sign in with the same account credentials and you should be fine.


Thanks, able to be closed😉

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