Using an Xbox controller on Bluestacks

I have Bluestacks installed on my PC and can run Infinite Flight with no problem. I connected my Xbox controller and Bluestacks actually did detect that I had a “Gamepad” connected. But none of the controls work on Infinite Flight. I can’t assign individual commands to each button on my controller.

It could be possible that it just flat out doesn’t work because Infinite Flight does not support the use of emulators.

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I keep hearing this word a lot, but not sure what it means: what exactly is an emulator?

It “emulates” a operating system and runs like android OS. So simply it’s a program like Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight. So you should expect quite a few things to be buggy/not work too well if you’re gonna run IF on Bluestacks.


Install live flight connect to your computer, and hook up the xbox controller to the computer. (If bluestacks keeps trying to use the xbox controller, then try to use IF connect on a different computer)

Make sure IF in bluestacks has the “enable infinite flight connect” turned on in IF settings.

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