Using An Airband Reciever on a Commercial Flight


Yup! Most of the time I’m traveling for work - so I need the WiFi anyways


Ooh well I know some people who turn off flight mode on there phone on the initial decent into there destination


I may or may not follow the “airplane mode” rules perfectly 😬🤫


Ahahahahahha yh. Well sometimes the Wi-Fi on board can be a little expensive


FrEe WiFi On EmIrAtEs FoR tHe WhOlE oF yOuR jOuRnEy


If 20mb of free WiFi lasts you the whole of a flight then well done.


Yeah, but free WiFi isn’t WiFi, since it’s unusably slow 😂


No. It’s because the signal has to be transmitted from the controller. Listening in doesn’t require you to transmit.


I can’t use LiveATC as it does not cover the UK region.


And just to clear stuff up a little…

It is not illegal necessarily to listen in to ATC via an Airband Reciever in the UK, as long as youvare not using the information for anything dogy.

Found this…

The services that can be listened to under the definition of general reception are:

  • licensed broadcasting stations;
  • amateur and citizens’ band radio transmissions; and
  • weather and navigation transmissions

Radio scanners should not be used to listen to any other radio services, including illegal radio stations (pirates) (by virtue of the fact that they are not licensed radio stations).