Using An Airband Reciever on a Commercial Flight


Ask yourself this question.
Are you on a commercial airliner and or interfering with controllers while using one?


What about if you wanna listen you don’t have to speak


I’m mean on the ground not in a plane


Are you on a commercial airliner or interfering with controllers if you say no to these two answers you’re good


Yes im saying no


Then you’re good to go, as long as you’re not interfering with traffic and just using to listen you’re good


When I go plane spotting I see people using them


Well i see no reason why anyone will want to interfere with ATC with an air bans radio


Those are generally scanners which do not have the capabilities to transmit.


There are some yes


Oh there’s some nut out there



Nice hand held, that be fine to use while spotting


Yes it is even when you look at the review of it on YouTube


I have tried, all I want to hear is the Pilots communicate.


I have had a looky, a lot of people are saying that use an app, I can’t I’m in the UK 😂


What do u use


Are you saying that to you can’t download the live ATC app


I brought my handheld on a delta flight once - when the flight attendant saw it on my lap (thankfully not on), she promptly said that I needed to stow it away and not to bring it out until I was off the plane. I obviously obeyed her instructions… and then immediately opened LiveATC and proceeded to listen to that the rest of the flight - which I do most times.


Do you you in flight Wi-Fi