Using An Airband Reciever on a Commercial Flight


With most hand held radios you need to be within 5km from the airport. Obviously varies from the radio but from the radios I’ve seen it’s been 5km. If you’re going to be up at 33 or so thousand feet I don’t think you’d be able to hear anything at all.


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I have a $400 Uniden scanner that monitors literally every channel in my area but I’m always afraid to bring it on the plane because I don’t want the TSA thinking it’s a bomb.


I mean what’s the worst that can happen? A small fine?

Why not?



I always bring mine and not one time have they searched my bag cuz of it it


I’m the US… nothing can happen. It’s perfectly legal


Any devices that send or receive transmissions are prohibited for use in flight. There are plenty of apps or the like that you can use whilst using the in-flight WiFi remaining in compliance with federal regulations.


Don’t need you to validate my answer. The OP said “and listen in” which is what I addressed.


those airband radio are so expensive


You cannot use them inflight a lot of mis used information here best to put a hand held in your checked luggage and use a phone app.
In the US no passenger airlines would be happy with you using a hand held, now using your phone is a completely different story.


You just said you did it today, don’t try to say you didn’t operate it now. That’s against the rules and you know it.


Lol In my own airplane 😂😂


twits fingers quick question is it legal in canada???


Don’t even try that, you were on Southwest from PHX to LIT. 🙄


And then flew home. I’m not that dumb 😂😂


Next time make sure you add that and don’t try to lead people into false information like you said you used it on a commercial airliner. Your rental isn’t a commercial airliner for Southwest.


Can’t you get a permit to use these


Anyways sorry for having some one provide mis information -
Yes you can bring a hand held radio on the plane, no you cannot use it. The fact Ryan said he used it is in the wrong. You can look at any safety card and it clearly states you cannot use a radio point in case


Not on a commercial airliner, now your own private aircraft you can use hand held radios, my friend has a nice Super Cub with out a built in radio and he uses a hand held all the time that’s perfectly legal


Going plane spotting with them is ok isnt it