Using An Airband Reciever on a Commercial Flight



How legal is it to take a RX only Radio on board a commercial flight, and listen in?

Yes I am that sad, and also, does anyone else do this?



Radio . You may transport this item in carry-on or checked bags. For items you wish to carry on, you should check with the airline to ensure that the item will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane.


So no, I don’t think you can listen in.


On JetBlue I listen to liveATC online and that can be fun.


I feel like they may be talking about your Radio as in, not aviation related, if you see what I mean…


I have never thought about doing this until I read this thread. I guess it’s legal in the US considering you’re only listening. I also imagine it would be really awkward if someone asks what you’re doing and you have to explain that you’re listening to the flight’s pilots talk to ATC and vice versa, as some might not understand that you don’t mean any harm.


In that case, I’d check with the TSA or your airline.


Not from the US, but I’ll check, and stay sneeki breeki when I do listen in XD


Just use the LiveATC app with some headphones. like @lurkerboy mentioned.


Unfortunatley, can’t use LiveATC At UK Airports


Didn’t we determin yesterday that listining to ATC isnt legal in the UK period? If thats the case being on the plane wolnt change it…


Erm, you can own a reciever, and listen in… Legally, I have literally been stood next to the Police outside Manchester with a huge reciever. No problems…

Unless I am going crazy…



I quote the ever-knowledgeable Google:

" But for those in the UK , it is unlikely they will ever be able to listen in. This is because it is illegal under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 to listen to anything other than general reception transmissions."


Didnt put two and two together it was a UK flight. Sorry lol.


My fault for not mentioning it sorry :/


From cheers I shouldve have assumed.


Don’t airlines always have the “No RC car” on their safety cards, meaning no radio stuff allowed?


You grabbed this from a Article The Daily Mail published about Live ATC, we have established that you can’t listen into UK ATC using Live ATC.

I think this is because they are not aloud to Freely distribute the comms? I’m not too sure.


Oh, might have a point? That is true…


batterys containing lithium are not allowed on board I’m assuming that’s what the radio is powered on


Mine surprisingly don’t, I have no clue what it uses, but it works… XD