Using airways to make a flight plan

is it possible to make flight plans using airways and filling out discontinuities?

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The only way I know of is if you use an external method I.e then, after generating the OFP, paste the xml file to under simbrief classic and voila, you have your infinite flight version. Otherwise, Airways are unfortunately unavailable in Infinite Flight and this is the only way I could come up with 🙂


If you want to manually plan using airways, use skyvector.
BTW US flights use way more directs, so if you want the real fpl, find it on flightaware

I find that skyvector works well if you have a current Navigraph AIRAC as you can get all the current waypoints with it and just paste the FPL into simbrief. In the US and Canada(I think), as you said, the process would be straight-forward.

oops i forgot to mention that i meant filling out a flight plan in infinite flight after going through the whole simbrief process

You just enter all the waypoints one by one in Infinite Flight to make a FPL. Don’t forget to add the specific SID’s, STARs and approaches.

I don’t think airways change that often (at least not in a significant manner)
Anyways navlog is a thing

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