Using a yoke

Hello, the only devices I have are iOS and I am wondering is there a way to connect a Thrustmaster A320 yoke to my iPad to use on IF? Please if you know Leave a comment!

There is a way

But you will need at least a laptop to run live flight connect

And a stable wifi source to run it smoothly

But yes it’s probably

*Please note that this service is no longer supported and probably won’t work correctly

True forgot that

Do note that

I attempted to do it once, it works, but it disconnects often and if it happens during landing you’re pretty much screwed.

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You can try using Map Connect:

Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Note that users have reported bugs with it, but the developers of Map Connect are working at getting them squashed, so it’s not an abandoned/deprecated software like LiveFlight Connect.


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