Using a __VA callsign

So, I created a VA, and its only me in it, but there’s no website or anything. Can I use a VA callsign? I recently “went” to the Air Canada Landing Comp. And they use the ACVA callsign. Am I able to use a __VA callsign if im the only one in a VA? Thanks in advance.

It would be best that you refrain from using any VA callsign as many VA’s may not like that. Although I dont believe you can get in trouble for doing so. Also for when you said you “created” a VA are you sure you made an IFVARB approved VA? If you meant you joined a VA then you can use that VAs callsign.

Information about creating a VA.


I mean… If it’s just you in a VA… Is it really even a VA?


I did not… Thank you @TwinsRock88

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@Balloonchaser that’s true

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Well then, case closed 😂


yeah, case closed, thanks for your help, guys!

You’re allowed to use whatever callsign you’d like. If you decide to create your own, just keep in mind that it cannot contain profanity or any combination of letters/numbers that would create an inappropriate word.

In addition to what TwinRock linked, if you’re interested in getting your VA approved by the IFVARB, read through the link he attached and decide if its something you wish to pursue. Other than that, let us know if you have any further questions! 🙂