Using a keyboard to play IF

So, I just got a Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech K380) and I wanted to use it to play IF with it. I get onto IF and connected the keyboard. Hoping into the game, the keys were not working and I couldn’t do anything. I would love some support and help please.

First, make sure you have Liveflight connected onto your device. I don’t believe Infinite Flight is compatible on a keyboard alone, you will need to connect a joystick, which I assume you are intending on doing?

Why would you use a keyboard?

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I am planning on using a joystick with the keyboard. So after I get the live flight downloaded and connect that to IF how do I get the keyboard and joystick to work.

Here’s how to set it up:

Ok. Thank you so much for the support and help. See you around in the skies of IF.


Download liveflight on your computer or mac then connect it to your IF and you will be good to go!

I have used a keyboard for IF before, you need Liveflight Connect installed, and it really does take a bit of work. You can connect joysticks to it. when I tried I could control everything from the flaps to the camera view to the AP and gear. I could control some roll, but after an hour of fiddling around with the program I didn’t really get any control of this and overall would only suggest this if your away from your device for a short period of time and really know what your pressing!

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