Using a Joystick With BlueStacks

Hi! I bought a Joystick to play Infinite Flight. I use Bluestacks for used on mi Gaming PC and how i can use the Joystick in Bluestacks? And if i cant there are a other opcion to use it?


I’m pretty sure Infinite Flight does not offer support for running in android VMs. Another option would be buying the app on a normal iOS or android device then using software like liveflight connect to use a joystick.

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Well, to connect your joystick to infinite flight you should head to: Settings --> Controls --> Then assign the axis on the joystick you’re using for pitch (possibly yaw but I’m unsure which you should use) and roll (if you’re joystick has buttons that can control the throttle then you can also do that). However, this may or may not work using bluestacks on the computer as it isn’t officially supported.

Note: I advise you look at what Jack_Q has said for further clarification.

I’m guessing this will help with your issue😀

I also have a joystick and recently gotten used to it so I can help you more if you need it.

Liveflight on Windows dont work the joystick

Ok, I need more information about your issue if you want help to fix it. Are you using bluestacks to run infinite flight while trying to connect a joystick from Liveflight?

I fixed it! I do it on my mobile, and how i connect mobile to cast on my PC Screen?

Download JoyToKey

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