Using 2 Screen


IF should Release api kit in the near feature, because you can only put so much in one screen, having multiple page is not good thing for simulator, (lol book simulator) with the api people can write to run map on another screen even like Google map or G1000 or radio stack LOC/VOR, if the people wanna use it portable they can with base IF or have more screen at home. This will 100% make community more active bring outside developer and so IF only need to concentrate on base app bugs and counts the money


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How different that’s gonna be compare to FSX/X-plane/Prepare3d, even full size sim runs on this software. You can’t beat them. If I am gonna use at home only, I would setup full with all the hardware if I can afford it, my dream would cost around £12000😜 So that’s where IF fits in, portable, don’t need to sit front of computer, you can taxi while you are in back of real taxi and if the people want more monitor set it up home at least have half the fun as the real home cockpit for small money


Again in my opinion, I want ability to use more tablet over wifi accessing IF for real time date, I know what you mean by desktop that’s just another platform like IOS/ android. New platform alone not gonna change how you use at the moment