Using 2 devices at the same time

Hi! I just want to if I can fly with one device, and at the same time, just look my replays on the other device?

Both devices are logged with the same account.
I just want to look at my replays nothing else!

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No you can’t I’m afraid…otherwise the device running a flight will have the engines cut - and a message will pop up saying that your account is being used on another device.


Okay! Thank you for the precision 😉


You can’t be in a ‘in flight’ state at any point.

You can be on the app, and looking at the maps or aircraft selection, as long as you don’t click ‘replay’ or ‘Fly!’, then you’ll be in the skies!

Lesson learnt. You’ll have this otherwise, your engines are uncontrollable.

Sorry for the duplicateness, but I have a photo… lol.

Don’t question it…


No problem haha, an evidence is always good to add ! Thank you for this :)


Even more evidence because it was fun:

The thing is, I was still connected to the servers since I was testing something during my long haul (I had to end it for my Flyout anyway so I thought I’d have fun), so i was getting violation warnings. How I pulled this one off with no engines and no reverse thrust will always be impossible to answer.


I’m currently watching your video, the beginning is so funny, you seemed panicked and don’t understand what happened hahaha

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That landing…RIP…

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I fully understood lol j just thought ‘let’s have some fun and try to land it’

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