Uses for departure?

Is it just used to get permission to fly or is there some other use I don’t know of. I’ve only used it for requesting flight following and VFR. If anyone has any secret uses for it feel free to leave them down below 😁.


The tutorials I linked below are a good example of how it’s used. It is most commonly used for flight followings and making sure departures are not in conflict.


Definitely give those a watch though they look they need a little update 😅. Thank you for the help!

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Yeah, they’re a bit old but they give a good example of how they’re used.


From the pilot standpoint, it’s pretty simple. If you have a flight plan on file, you can check in, or request flight following to your destination; they’re essentially used the same way. If you request flight following flying VFR, you are under visual flight rules, but departure will still vector you for traffic as needed.

From the controller’s standpoint, well just make sure no one hits anything, pretty easy.


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