Users with xxxxx as their display name

Why do some players in IF have “User XXXXX” (the x is random numbers) as their display name? Is this intentional or automatically programmed when a user doesn’t set a display name?

I think it’s the user name people get when they first buy pro


When a user first buys a pro subscription, they will be issued “userxxxxx” and a random callsign, all system generated. From there, the user can customize it to their preference.

Please note that when the display name is removed, this will no longer be the case.

I remember that bein it so yeah they probably just don’t know you can change it.

Either don’t know or just can’t be arsed to.


yep its when you buy a pro subscription, your first name is USER xxxx.


Oh ok. I see now. This can be closed now.

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Closed as per requested