Users not paying attention

I understand that it’s a game and reaction is limited, but when I was pushing back a player kept going forward and phased right through me, I know it was a casual server but I still want a professional experience

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Mate, really sorry this happened, but unfortunately it is the Casual server, this will unfortunately happen. The sad part is I have seen this on the Expert server.

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Firstly welcome back to IFC!,

Unfortunely there’s nothing we can do to prevent this from happening, since this is the casual server.

If you want more professional experience, feel free to grade up by gaining XP and landing.

Here’s the grade requirements in infinite flight

and Here’s the grade requirements for each server:
G1 = Casual server
G2 = Training server
G3 = Expert server


Hey! If you want a more professional experience, you can get some good practice on the Training Server, and level up your grade to the Expert Server.

The Casual Server is meant exactly for what its name suggests - casual flying. That’s why it’s perfect for air shows, and even some official Infinite Flight events like Whacky Racing, because it’s no-holds-barred flying.


Nothing you can do about. To be frank the training server can be worse (based off of my atc controlling experience in the training server)

Just to add to everything else, at least for me personally, I would only go on casual to do things that would otherwise get me violations, such as flying the 787 at mach 2 or grinding landings (in which case I’d just takeoff from gate through anything). That’s what the casual server is for.

And the situation on training is that because you can’t get into trouble for ignoring ATC, so many people don’t care.

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You got your answer right here
Casual server(being casual server) is where novices and trolls reside

Me too. It’s never fun when it happens

Want a professional experience? Go to a expert server. If you have not acheived this tier yet, gain enough hours and XP. The causal server is ment to have fun and allows pilots to do whatever they want to do.

or if you want to fly and do aerobatics without getting violations

I was on final at Manchester and it was a night flight. I smashed straight into a hill because I wasn’t paying attention to the altitude. Mistakes happen, but I understand that it can be annoying especially when it ruins someone else’s experience.

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