USERS interested in hands on ATC exercise- all grades welcome

In follow-up to my previous post regarding ATC training on a 5:1 pilot/controller ratio, I am looking to see if any of you would be interested in a beta test of this training. If we have enough of you interested I will head all of this up and with the help of some other guys on here we will facilitate a hands-on ATC training session for those of you looking to get more involved with the controller aspect of this game. The idea behind this is to provide knowledge to any beginners looking to add to the realism of their IF experience, and in turn create a better online environment for all involved. Much of the session would include going over each aspect of flying, controlling-- breaking each down and then giving those involved the chance to put what they will learn to the test.


I’m interested.

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I’m not really a beginner but you can count me in! :)

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Count me in

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I’m interested. Let me know

Count me in for sure.