Users in training not following instructions

Hello guys,
I have a promblem where Training server user don’t follow instructions when I am ATC I don’t have a command where I can say please follow instructions do I have to let it go.But I don’t like doing that.It just gets me frustrated whether don’t follow instructions especially people at EGLL,KLAX,KSFO and KJFK.
If you have a solution to solve this please put it in comments below.
IF You are a training server user please follow instructions because when you get in Expert you won’t be there long.


Well its training server. Thats what happens

You can’t except anyone to follow your atc instructions.

I feel your frustration @Kaj :(

Yea bit if there is a command where you can say follow instructions or please check toutorial on the forum Using ATC that might help

Thank you for your understanding!

If you want a more realistic and fun environment for ATC. Join the IFACT

I will be joining that soon I have planned to

TBH even if there is that command idk what more it can help

It has to they can’t allow them to report users because they wont use it for the right purpose

What @K3v1nxu said above. Really the follow instruction or check help wont change anything, even if there were on TS

Only if they allow users that have over 500 operations can report users

Still doesnt mean anything…its something like grades…if you are grade 5 doesnt mean you are a expert pilot…same think :)

lol if you want to control atc and enforce rules then just join IFACT. You really can’t do anything on TS

Join us in the IFATC team to have the best experience of realistic ATC. I believe someone posted the link above^^^. Hope to see you on the team one day😄

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Oh well I will be joining IFATC soon so hopefully i dont hsve much more lonfervto deal with that

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Dont worry you will see me soon

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There is no point enforcing rules in TS because it is Training server. Its for new pilots or atc to learn the rules or whatever they want to do. If you enforce rules on Training server, then were are the new people going to go?

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That is true I agreee with you

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I will be there soon😃

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