Users disconnect when they dont like my instruction

So I’m not really clear on why some users disconnect from approach/departure when I give them instructions they dont like? For example I instructed a user requesting ILS 28R at KSFO coming from heading 140 to turn 330 decend and maintain 5000 and they just say unable and disconnect. They had a good 20-25 nm at least. Another asked for FL380 before even clearing runway 1R at SFO and I Instructed to climb and maintain 10000. They said unable and disconnected. When I sent on guard they reconnected I asked them to stay on the frequency when they once again asked for FL380 by that time they had cleared the airspace so I approved it but still irritating.

Just wondering what can be done about this. I give pretty clear vectoring instructions in an appropriate manner. I wont deny a reasonable request unless it disrupts traffic or compromises the safety of other aircraft in the area or it goes directly against regulations.

I just need to know that I’m not doing something wrong here but if I am please I’d love to be better always.

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Seeing this is on the training server it is the pilots choice to follow ATC instructions.

For starters if you are looking for people to listeb to you have you considered joining IFATC?

Also, instead of controlling at KSFO find smaller airports to do ATC at. Perhaps consider making an ATC tracking thread where people like myself can go an enjoy your ATC on the training server.

Happy controlling!


I have been trying to get information about that. Who do I contact to ask about applying?

Any of the recruiters. Preferably one in your timezone to avoid messaging each other while the other one is asleep.

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In order to apply, you must be TL1 (a basic user) or higher. Once you reach TL1 and satisfy all the requirements, you can send a PM to one of the recruiters listed on this thread. :)

I’m grade 3 and I have monthly subscribed pro. Idk what level that puts me at but I have 1.3k ish operations in atc . I’ll be sure to check the requirements and contact accordingly

Yep ! But you really have to learn the most stuff by heart otherwise you will fail but hey :) just learn and try it !

My apologies, I meant TL1 here on the forum. You are currently a new user (TL0), but if you keep posting and contributing, you’ll hit TL1 in no time. :)

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Peoples behavior on the training server does on occasion get me raging.
But I guess there’s not much you can do except get your IFATC quals and go to Expert server.

But to get in IFATC it’s prior to know patterns and the ATC vocabulary

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